I'm perfectly flawed.

Nothing more than your average mexican girl with rockstar dreams

-Houston, TX
-color guard
-fascinated with other peoples outlooks in life.

So yesterday,

My mom (not real mom but more of my metal head bad ass tattooed adoptive kind of mother) and i went Halloween shopping which for us is like Christmas. It only happens once a year and all the cool witchy and halloween stuff is out on sale!

we started with walmart and bought some Baby clothes for the new born son of one of the band members from Dimmu Borgir (long story mom is friends with them) so we got that and other stuff for her tattoo shop!

Then we went to other places like hallmark, pier one, ross and michaels for other stuff

The day was just awesome lol

She got sooo much cool stuff and i got myself a Halloween cup and a zombie stuff animal that i named boogy boo <3  

I love being that kid that actually enjoys Halloween more then a time of candy and dressing up<3